Jun 20, 2013

Networked Learning Project #1


For my Networked Learning Project I want to create an app for my phone. I have some programming experience, but mainly in HTML and Python. I don't know how to write for Objective C, which is what Apple uses, or in Java, which is what Android uses. I have an iPad and an Android phone so I could do either one, but the software development kit (SDK) is free for Android, so I will start with that.

I want the outcome for this particular project to be an app I could use in one of my classes next year. I am unfamiliar with the capability of Java so I don't really know what the easy stuff is and what the difficult stuff is, so I'm not going to predict what shape this app takes until I can understand the capabilities more.

My first step is to install the SDK and Eclipse. Google has posted quite a bit on their website (http://developer.android.com/training/), so I will start from there and see what I can do.


  1. I like the fact that you made your selection based on cost (free), that is never a bad thing to do. You are taking on a very challenging task not only have to learn a new coding system, but also trying to create an application. As you continue in your learning over the next week or so, see if maybe you want to narrow your focus to just the coding part, giving you the foundation then to learn how to create an application for your device. I look forward to reading more about your progress in the coming weeks. For your post on July 6, please include links/videos to the resources you have utilized this far in class.

  2. Since I'm clueless on what creating an app involves for Android, I think as I get stuff up and running, I'll have a better idea what is going to be involved with the whole process. If I need to drop everything and go learn Java, I should do that. I'm also not opposed to making it a web app written in HTML5 or javascript.

  3. This sounds fascinating! The language used in making apps is completely foreign to me and therefore sounds really challenging. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Rebecca. Its just like learning French or Spanish. Every language is different but they all have nouns and verbs and stuff. Its just learning the particulars after you figure out one of them.