Jun 20, 2013

Networked Learning Project #1


For my Networked Learning Project I want to create an app for my phone. I have some programming experience, but mainly in HTML and Python. I don't know how to write for Objective C, which is what Apple uses, or in Java, which is what Android uses. I have an iPad and an Android phone so I could do either one, but the software development kit (SDK) is free for Android, so I will start with that.

I want the outcome for this particular project to be an app I could use in one of my classes next year. I am unfamiliar with the capability of Java so I don't really know what the easy stuff is and what the difficult stuff is, so I'm not going to predict what shape this app takes until I can understand the capabilities more.

My first step is to install the SDK and Eclipse. Google has posted quite a bit on their website (http://developer.android.com/training/), so I will start from there and see what I can do.