Jun 23, 2013

NLP log, supplemental 1

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I got a start to my NLP project. I actually have an app running on my phone!

I installed the SDK from android website and followed the first tutorial on getting a Hello World app running on your device.

I messed up a little bit by running the SDK in the download folder, realized what I did and then moved it to its home in the applications folder. Stuff didn't seem quite right, and I couldn't get the app to run on my phone. A few of the help forums said stuff like it should "just work" on the mac. Anyway, I ended up deleting the whole thing and installing it right from the beginning. It worked just fine.

So here's the IDE:
Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 12.27.18 AM

And screenshot from my phone:
2013-06-24 00.25.58

The tutorials I used:




Next lesson: Building an Interface.

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