Jun 20, 2013



RSS is great peice of technology but is really a niche tool. The interesting tools that have developed from RSS being are around are tools like Flipboard. In Flipboard, you can subscribe to individual feeds. Where it gets interesting is what Flipboard does with your data. As you and other users read, like, follow, tweet, etc., Flipboard learns what content is related to each other and what your preferences are. If you like cats, it will show you more articles about cats, but not about dogs. You can even subscribe to "flips" that focus on single subjects. It also uses its information to curate the best articles, so you do not have to sort through every single article.


  1. Hi Ray,

    Thank you for sharing your reaction to RSS readers. I agree that they are definitely a niche tool. Have you considered ways that they might be useful to your teaching practice? Would you be able to do anything interesting with them for preparation or with your students? Or is it a tool that will most likely not end up in your technology toolbox?

  2. As a math teacher, I don't see it being that useful. The social studies department at my school makes kids clip out newspaper articles, from the dead tree newspapers, and share them in class. I think RSS would be a good alternative to that. It's definitely a tool I use personally, but I am having a hard time picture what the uses for it would be in my classroom, that you couldn't get some other way.