Jul 1, 2013

Getting Things Done

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The two tools I explored were Evernote and and HaikuLMS. I just started using Evernote seriously when I started this class. I found the organization of the the class site to be very linear and hard to find particular assignments and I wanted something that I could search through all in one place. I used the Evernote Web Clipper to clip the web pages into Evernote, then on the desktop client I could search for keywords and find the page I needed quickly. I also found it helpful to have a separate application open instead of a tab on the browser because my tabs are always out of control. One other great feature is that you can share notebooks with other Evernote users. Alexis and I shared our notebooks when we started doing research for our conference Spark session.


The other tool I started to explore was Haiku LMS. This is a very interesting course management system. It has district/school accounts and individual teacher accounts. It seems friendly to set up classes and keep them organized. One of the features I would want in a LMS is to take quizzes and submit assignment. Haiku can do that. It also lets you grade and markup assignments from the documents right in the web browser. I think that would be a great way to reduce the paper in my classroom.

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