Jul 24, 2013

PQ + CQ > IQ

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I visited the Tech Museum last weekend and I was really inspired by it. It is not like a regular museum, almost all of the displays are interactive. I love trying out new tech and new ideas, and my visit to the Tech Museum shows that.

On that same note, I have been in contact with the people at Versal. Specifically Carlos Cuadra, the head of Content and Author Relations. I have been looking for something to implement the flipped classroom with. I was thinking about TED-Ed, but it is very restrictive on what you can put in it. Versal allows you to do the same thing, but you just drag and drop whatever element you want. I hope to have a chat with Carlos on Wednesday and see if Versal is up to the task of running a class, even though they just launched the platform July 9th!

Here is my PQ, CQ, Technology, and Me video.

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